Want to file a U.S. or international patent application? We offer patent procurement services from preparation & filing...
Want a license agreement? Generate revenue in U.S and foreign markets. Attract new business partners. Resolve...
Do you need to enforce or defend an intellectual property claim?  We help you through this process...
Need to perform an intellectual property investigation, e.g., whether a patent is valid, enforceable, or infringed?
Understanding our purpose

We are here to provide leading companies with high quality legal services that reflect big firm experience coupled with small firm attention.

Our emphasis

Our practice focuses on patent procurement relating to software, networks, Internet business methods, semiconductors, medical devices and image processing.

Additionally, our practice focuses on intellectual property services related to due diligence and licensing.  Our due diligence efforts include tax and acquisition evaluations of the intangible assets of patents and proprietary technology.

We also provide litigation support services for various litigation phases.  We provide legal and technical support including Markman analyses, expert reports, working with experts, and reviewing technical or expert reports.

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