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U.S. Utility and Design Patent Procurement Services

Our procurement services include the preparation and prosecution of U.S. utility and design patent applications.

We routinely assist clients in identifying patentable inventions.  We also help to develop strategies designed to maximize the benefit of patent portfolios.

International Patent Applications

We prepare and file international patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). 

More than 120 member countries are signatories to this treaty.  By filing a single international patent application under this treaty, an applicant opens the door to obtaining patent protection in any of these member countries.  Moreover, the applicant may delay paying costs associated with filing a patent application in the desired member countries for up to 30 months.

U.S. Provisional Patent Applications

We prepare and file U.S. provisional patent applications.

Generally, provisional applications may be filed at a lower cost than nonprovisional applications.