Want to file a U.S. or international patent application? We offer patent procurement services from preparation & filing...
Want a license agreement? Generate revenue in U.S and foreign markets. Attract new business partners. Resolve...
Do you need to enforce or defend an intellectual property claim?  We help you through this process...
Need to perform an intellectual property investigation, e.g., whether a patent is valid, enforceable, or infringed?

Why we exist

The Burton IP Law Group was founded to provide high quality intellectual property legal services for leading companies.

Who we serve

Our clients range from emerging companies and individuals to Fortune 500 & Fortune 50 enterprises. Whether you are an individual, a U.S. corporation, or a multinational or foreign corporation, we can help you.

What we do

We focus our practice on four main areas. Our emphasis is in patent procurement, due diligence, licensing and litigation support with regard to a number of technology areas, including software, networks, Internet business methods, semiconductors, medical devices and image processing.  

About Our Founder

Please take a moment to read about our founder Daphne Burton.